Hello my dearies. I do apologies for my few days I have not blogged. My friend the Flu bug bite me on my wittle nose! Ouch! So I haven’t been feeling dapper. So enough of my “poor o’l me” and let’s get down to business. Today I am wearing a cute little number from DA.IT.SO called Flying squirrelhood. I went an got the Fatpack for 477L. Love the name? It’s awesome. I am wearing the Orange Hood one. It’s a blast to wear, the shirt when your arms come up actually look like wings, hence the name flying squirrel. HEHE it’s cute huh? I love the colors which it has 7 colors to choose from. I can’t say which are my favorites because they all are!. I also paired this hoodie up with my Sweet Thing. Pet Platforms, say that 10x fast! lol.  I again got greedy and bought the fat pack 1,299L. The skin I am wearing to make myself beautiful is from none other then 7Deadly S[K]INS. I am proud to say they have hired me on as a Blogger! The skin I have on is called ROMIE and I have on the ROMIE Freckled Omega FACE/BODY OAK. It’s absolutely the most gorgeous skin alive. If you love freckles like I do, THIS is the skin for you! The Shape I am wearing comes from BentOtta Shape . Shae is an awesome Shape maker and I will recommed her to anyone looking for shapes that don’t break the bank. If she doesn’t have one there that you like, let her know with a NC on what you would like to see on whatever head(bento or none-bento.) I’m sure she’ll fix up something for you that will be pleasing to the eye. My glasses, I love glasses, are from creator JunettaHurricane Resident her voxxi glasses are stunning and these I have on are Goth Pink . My necklaces that I have on, the long one is -LpOca- Necklace Angel by yune Barbosa. My mom gave me this necklace so I wear it proudly. Best 1L gift ever. The other one is called SUGAR – Eternity Cross Necklace by Sugar Falta. My Head is from LAQ – Neve Bento Head. I fell in love with this head when I seen it just setting there for everyone to buy. It was 500L at that time so I glad I had saved that money instead of spending it foolishly, (admit it…You’ve done it to!) My body is the one and only bestest body ever made! Yep you guess it, Maitreya! HAIR!!! You love it too? The hair is called, Truth / Valentina /Dual Well then you need to go to MAIN TRUTH Store, and also Market Place, Flickr, Flickr Groups and of course Facebook. I am also wearing **RE** Luxy Rings – Maitreya Bento  and also ::SG:: BAllerina BASIC Mesh Nail Maitreya. The pose is from *!R.O!* Routine BENTO Pose w/ Mesh Latte & Phone*!R.O!* Routine BENTO Pose w/ Mesh Latte & Phone. The pose does NOT come up empty, you are given the coffee AND the iphone! Oh yeah and they have THE best poses and so many to choose from and it’s only 50L, some are more, some are less but 50L is the most part. Now that I have told you all that I am wearing. I think pictures are in order!

7 Deadly [S]kins SkinLogoZwartMAIN STORE FACEBOOK FLICKR MARKET PLACE all you really need in life!

As always, may Peace find you, Laughter guide you, Love find your heart, and Live like there is no tomorrow! GOD Bless each and everyone of you.

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