Hello my Dearies. Back for one more blog because I’m loving what I am doing now! How are you all doing? Fine I hope and well, you never know with this flu going around. Well on a brighter side of things, I’m wearing …. wait for it ….WHITE! I know! White on a Wednesday hump day!. Well it’s almost Thursday so we can say that it’s a good thing lol. Well there really isn’t a reason to wearing white it just color right? I love white if worn the right or wrong way. We all can relate to the “Nothing is wrong if we don’t say it.” Well I love wearing it no matter what day, week, month, LABOR DAY, or any other day! lol. Ok, with that out of the way I am going to show off a bit!.  I spoiled myself this day, and figured why not share. I have to let you all know that I also LOVE 7 Deadly s[K]ins. The skin I am wearing tonight is called Venus, and I am wearing it in Oak. Like the goddess Venus, it’s extremely too beautiful for simple words. I paired Venus up with .:eSSe Store:. – 24- Realistic Eyes. You can download them HERE. They sell other stuff as well but I fell in love with the eyes. *Merlific* Dona Square Nails Bento MESH NAILS. I gave you the main Market Place page to see all She has to offer. The rings are **RE** Luxy Rings Set 1.3. I rounded it up with Catwa.Clips Catya Bento Head. Shape is Exclusive for THE CHAPTER FOUR EVENT it’s called Sacha. The link takes you right to the little house. Rounding it off with none other then Magika‘s Empty Gold hair. That is for the Market Place page where you can find the color you like. Lastly my necklace is SUGAR – Eternity Cross Necklace by Sugar Falta. Now, at long last we come to the OUTFIT!!!!!. *Excited?* Well you SHOULD be! lol, no really it’s a cute little giddup, that means outfit 🙂 OK!!!! Picturessssss!!!!! YAYAY!



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