Hello Everyone, I’m proudly bringing you the awesome 7Deadly s[K]ins . I will be showing Nena in both the Light Pack and the Dark Pack, I will also be showing you the Nena Shape as well to give you the full picture of what the skin is going to look like. As this is not in store yet, but it will be coming out 🙂 so get your money saved for them 🙂  7Deadly s[K]ins is an awesome place to get skins, not only do you get original skins but you get exceptional customer service in the Store AND in the Chat. No question it is the best all around. Oh yes before I forget, here’s the beautiful Nena in all her beauty. First in Light skin Pack in DEW

This is with the 7D’s JUICY LIPS – Vintage

now for the Dark skin Pack in Taupe 🙂

The lipstick on the lips are again from 7Ds’ Juicy Lipsticks. This is the COCO shade. Also in the above picture, the rings are found here at Real Evil Industries . They are a sweet and a good match with both the Light AND Dark skins, this is with the dark skins pack. Here they are in the Light Skin Package.

The beautiful nails that are shown in these pictures are from DP – Koffin Nails – Fatpack – Pixel Perfect Love. It does the Fingers AND Toes. Cool huh! Love it.

All of the SKINS and LIPSTICKS can be found at 7Deadly s[K]ins .

!!!!!ATTENTION!!!!!  CELEBRATION: Not ONLY will you find these lovely pieces, We are also having our anniversary soon!! We will also be throwing a small VALENTINE EVENT now! There are 8 camping chairs for you in the store! sit down and enjoy!!! ♥  AND NO GROUP NEEDED!!!! woot!

As always, may Peace find you, Laughter guide you, Love find your heart, and Live like there is no tomorrow!  GOD Bless each and everyone of you. xoxoxoxox

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