Hello my dears. Just started to think I forgot to blog one of my outfits and hairs that I got the other night. It’s soooooooooo cute. I’m a hippy at heart so anything “hippish” I love…well sometimes! lol. It’s top is pink(yay favorite color), and the shirt is black with flowers all over it but not too too many. The hair I got is called eXxEsS : MERMELADAA it’s a cute hair style with choices like Breeze, Materials, and Breeze + Materials. Here’s the picture : A  – Front view…… B – Side view.

A :

 B :

As you can see it’s quite cute. I think 🙂  So shall we see what the cute “hippy” outfit looks like??? YAY! Ok here goes. I’ll be showing TOP, SKIRT, and SHOES. *gets excited*

It’s adorable right?? lol I LOVE IT! I Market Place a LOT as you can see in my other blogs. I love it there, I can find great clothes, accessories ( purses, shoes, outfits, etc. ) at a decent prices, but it also gives you the link for the shops AND the items you can look at and buy. That’s so cool huh?

 OK down to the nitty gritty. Here’s what I have on me and where to get it from.

 OUTFIT:  [hh] Catrine Outfit



Until next time my Dearies, PEACE, LOVE, LIVE, and LAUGH, makes the world a better place to live!

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