Good Morning all you late nighters and earlybirds and the ones in the middle. I myself have not had much sleep and figured that I may as well come online and blog outfits for your pleasure and mine. The outfit I will be blogging about this time is made from YELIZ >GRETA< by Chicky Shan there are two sets of outfits, for this one I’m using the pink set. The MAIN STORE is here for YELIZ.  Ok, A. I fell asleep when I was trying to do this last night, and B. I well be doing more outfits as I get them. OK? OK. So on with this outfit. As you can see it’s top *latched together.* The latches AND the outfit can be changed by the HUD it comes with. So no need to fear if it only comes in Pink. LOL It doesn’t.  From the pictures you will see that the top and bottoms are NOT attached….. TOP and BOTTOM of this set.


 You can see that it’s well made. It molds to the Maitreya – LARA Body . It’s a fun outfit that’s has the sexy AND the WOW factor. You don’t have to show a lot of skin to feel Beautiful. Am I right!?

This outfit goes with ANY accessories you may have on or going to get. I however LOVEEEE Rings. I’m a sucker for a good set of rings, so when I received the store link from the Cosmopolitan Event & Shopping Town, I KNEW I was going to find something sexy for the fingers! AND I DID!!!! Wo0t, look at these rings!

You have endless colors to choose from. I myself like the Silver and Pink, the pink is my October birthday stone. YAY! As you can see I have matched them with my YELIZ – GRATA OUTFIT. The rings and outfit can all be the same colors as long as it’s in the HUD. The rings are called **RE** Luxy Rings Set 1.3 this link will take you right to the stores front door in the Cosmopolitan Event & Shopping Town. You walk in and it’s the second item on the top row, right below the RealEvil Industries on that link. If however you’d like to go to their MAIN store. Here’s the link. RealEvil Industries – MAIN STORE –. THE RINGS ARE EVENT COSMOPOLITAN EXCLUSIVE.

I am also wearing Hair from no.match_ ~ NO_WORD ~ Pack of BLONDS. This link is from the Market Place. I gave you the page of Colors it comes in.  However if you’d like to see there MAIN STORE Please visit them as well. This is the link for no.match_ from the Cosmopolitan Event & Shopping Town. I will be showing you the Front and the Back of the hair.

I love wearing no.match_ hair do to the fact that it has awesome hair. It’ll grow on you too! I have a few more items that I would like to tell you about what I am wearing and where to go to find them.

The Skin I am wearing is from LAQ

The Bento Head I am wearing tonight is Scarlet from LAQ

Shoes are from ::ROC:: Leather Sneaker! Mid (FEMALE)_Maitreya this link is to the ::ROC:: Market Place page, well worth looking for shoes!

Well my Dearies, that is it for this outfit and I hope you really enjoyed viewing it as much as I loved blogging it!

Until next time, may you have Peace, Love, Laughter and Live like there is no tomorrow!.♥

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