Hello all! The outfit I have the pleasure of showing off is from none other then GET FROCKED! I now blog for this shop so a lot of my stuff will be from Get Frocked. (I will still be blogging outfits I pick up :)) It’s a kind of newish shop and it has a cool name huh? LOL I love it! This outfit will be featured in The Darkness Chamber Fair. This Event runs from 20th January to 10th February 2018. So get there before it’s too late! It IS the 19th of Jan yanno lol. *Checks time* hehe. OK so the outfit…It is Black and the bottom is lacy…getting your attention yet? It’s really cute and has a Cyber Gothic girl on the front of the dress, hence the name : Cyber Gift Dress in Purple :. wo0t! Loves purple and on black?? How can you pass this up! Let me show you this dress. Front first:

and now the Back:

It’s cute huh? Loved modeling this dress. I have other things that I’m wearing and I will give you the links to where you can go to get them! wo0t!

Head is from CATWA

Body is Maitreya Lara – Maitreya

Hands – *RE* Luxy Rings 1.3 EXCLUSIVELY @ Cosmopolitan Events & Shopping Town

Hands – Milena Fingernail Rings – Slipper

Shape – Brooke by [Elle et Lui]

Feet – Sweet Thing. Pet Platform – Fatpack by Sweet Thing






Darkness Chamber Fair

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