Hello everyone. Sorry I haven’t posted last two days, I had eye infection that kept me away. I humbly say I’m Sorry. OK on to my next Outfit I found in my closet. GizzA one place and on Market Place as well here – GizzA Market Place . The Snakeskin Legging comes in L,M,S,XS, and finally XXS. The Ashley Leather Tunic Black also comes in L,M,S,XS, and XXS. This is a little number as I like to call my “Bad Azz Attutide Gear” lol. It just looks fabulous on Maitreya Lara Body . It melts on her body like a glove on the right size hand.

Speaking of which I was gifted from my Mom rings and nail, **RE** Elektra Nails & Rings – Maitreya Bento. I am wearing .::Supernatural::.Jolie Necklace, it’s Exclusively only at the .:Cosmopolitan Events & Shopping Town:. Rush to get it! It’s beautiful. It comes in 3 styles. Silver the one I’m wearing, Gold and Pearl, it’s resizable as well. It’s a great add on to ANY outfit. The Shape I’m wearing is called [west end] Shapes – Linsey (CATWA Catya Bento) , again Exclusively only at the .:Cosmopolitan Events & Shopping Town:. I’m also wearing the .::WoW Skins::. Strong eyeliner.

I also have my trusted old Catya Head from Catwa and of course it’s one of THE best heads that they have made. Skins are another thing. I love my skin a LOT. I switch between skins and faces like it’s going out of style. I found one from Pink Fuel that WAS a promo called [PF] Sabine <brulee> – CATWA Head Applier (PROMO). So I figured what the heck and did a try out. I LOVED LOVED LOVED it. Now I’m usually a 7Deadly s{K}ins buff but in this situation, I must say it RAWKS!

I have a thing for Eyes. Be it .::[NerdMonkey*eyes]::.  to s0ng — zero not the letter O  I just find them fascinating,  my eyes I have on are IKON Odyssey Eyes I didn’t know they have a store until I wanted new eyes and Starr pointed me to IKON.  Thank you for that.

Oh, my hair you ask? Well let me tell you it is no.match_ ~ No.Today. ~  They have THE best hair on my list of hair and I have a VERY long list of hair lol.  The store has a lot more hair then the No.match Market Place. So come on by and have a look see, as my RL Dad would say. lol. OMG SHOES!!!!! Who does NOT love shoes! Am I right! OK calms down. The shoes I am wearing today are again Exclusively from the .:Cosmopolitan Events & Shopping Town:. They are called Italiano Gaia Fatpack  Soooooooooooooooooo worth getting the Fatpack. But up to you. Ok, enough of me telling you want I have on…See for yourself 🙂

Sexy huh! I love it! Okay see you all til next time. Live, Laugh, Love, and Peace. All you need in the world.

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