Hello all you people out there that is viewing this blog. HIYA! and Big hugs. Sorry I didn’t blog yesterday, I have the flu. So that is my reason. I bought some new outfits the other night that I wanted to blog about, but I fell asleep. The Outfit I’ll be blogging about first is from ENVIOUS (Main Store link.) It is called CALL ME BABY this link will take you to the Market Place page that shows the two outfits together so you can pick which one you like best. Cool huh? The outfit’s HUD gives you three choices. Pink/White, Black/White, and Purple/White. I’m blogging the Black/White. You have the ones WITH text, ones WITHOUT text, and then the pants that look awesome on Maitreya – Lara. The shirt WITH the text says “BABYGIRL.” It is a comfortable fit with no tight areas. The pants look like they were splashed with wet paint. The style is very sexy and I’m sure a lot of you will agree it’s an awesome outfit! Here are the pictures to the outfit for you to see. I’m showing with text and without and then the pants.

See, how cool are these pants! I love it. I’m wearing several other accessories and will now tell you what and where to go to pick them up. Most are on the Market Place, some I will give main store links for your pleasure :

RINGS number 1 are named **RE** Luxy Rings – Maitreya Bento, and they are from {::RE::}

RINGS number 2 are named Milena Bento Fingernail Rings – Maitreya, and they are from {Slipper}

EYES are named Sovereign Eyes – Storm, and they are from {IKON}

HAIR is named Maya Hair, and it is from {:::PHOENIX:::}

HEAD is Scarlet and it is from {LAQ}

That is it for me and I will be showing more when I get them. From my blog to yours Be Happy, have Peace, Love, Laughter and Live like there is no tomorrow! ♥☻

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