Hello everyone! Exciting news, the Women’s March was yesterday’s anniversary and I had the pleasure of being in the “middle” of the celebration. I was invited to come and pose for the SL Women’s March Picture. I did so because I believe that a woman’s body is hers alone and IF she wants to be touch it’s HER decision NOT someone else deciding for her. The Women’s March is for a random of things from molesting to rape to sexual harassment. I know a LOT of women that have been through one or more of these.  It’s nothing to laugh about in my opinion, it takes a very Strong person to push through this and fight for her rights to see justice being done. I will stand for the Women’s March every year for MY rights, even though I haven’t been hurt like the rest but I will stand with them non the less. The picture that say a million words!

From Left to right : Halfwraith Corleone, Saffron Foxclaw, ME, Kirsten Walker(the coordinator), Dani Grarhelle, Asthenia Pinazzo, Rhyaenys Targaryen, and Starr Ghost. WOMEN POWER!!!!

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