Hello Dearies. I hope life is fine with you all this evening, 6:00pm EST here. I was in the mood to blog today as yesterday I was lucky if I could left my head that morning. I had a bugger of a headache. Well enough about me! I have a really awesome outfit to show ya’ll from Meli’s Crazy Shop. The name of this outfit is called Goth Suit “Morla”(Maitreya). It’s a black and white outfit where the top catches the light and reflex different colors of the black top. One such color is dark purple, it’s awesome to watch. One sleeve and shoulder will show one color and the other showing black.

The pants have a CORSET  type fastening that goes from mid lower back of the pants to just underneath the begins for the bottom of the shirt. You will see and understand with the pictures. The front of the legs to the back of the legs have cute little pockets and on the legs it has leather bindings.

The shoes to the outfit are VERY sizzle factor, they show your feet through the mesh top. The shoes are called “Florenz,” they are all black except the tip of the heel, lol that’s white, ingenious. I love stuff like this. Even if you are not a “GOTHY” type person, even YOU would wear this outfit.

The skin I am wearing is from 7 Deadly s[K]ins, it’s called PERLA and I’m wearing this in Oak and Browless. It’s a BEAUTY within itself, it shimmers in the light making you wish you could touch your skin making sure it’s “REAL“. That is how the skins you wear SHOULD feel, if it doesn’t, you need to change it. The PERLA skin is at the HIPSTER EVENT! 7 Deadly s[K]ins have both the System AND Mesh skins. So if you are thinking “well I can’t get one of their skins, I’m not mesh.” *switches into my John “The Duke” Wayne* voice, Well my dears you are wrong, you can get them too!. See there you go, even Mr. Wayne agrees. LOL.  OK on to the pictures, can’t leave you hanging lol.

PE - Grand Opening -Round 1

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