Hello all, I hope you are great this saturday night/morning/afternoon, where ever you are in the world I hope it’s a good day. Today I will be showing you another outfit by Donni’s Dollies. This Bridal dress in white is the creation of Katelynn.  It is stunning to say the least. It hugs the body in all its loving silk and clothe that makes this dress so beautiful. The gown’s arms are bare at the shoulders but then goes back to the sleeves to continue down the arms and bare again right above the forearms. You then get the wow effect when you glance at the full view of the front. It has delicate designs through out the gown. You do NOT show any skin within the gown what so ever. It just draws your attention to the flow of it and takes your breath away. As you slowly turn around and you bring up you hair for that lovely babies breath to highlight the up do you are wearing you here nothing….you look in the mirror behind you and you are in awe…the back of the dress is left open to your delight. The dress comes back together around the start of the hips and the delicate design is again shown on down till you hit the bottom of the dress and you smile as it flows around you onto the floor. You look amazing and ready to walk down the aisle in confidence that you will be the center of attention….May you both be happy in your new lives together. Ready to see the dress? Wipe the tears away first. OK here’s the beautiful dress I just described. DDs Wedding GownTopDDs Wedding Gown MiddleDDs Wedding Gown BottomDDs Wedding Gown BackDD Katelynn Dress Bridal White FitmeshDonnisDollies v6 alpha

As always, may Peace find you, Laughter guide you, Love find your heart, and Live like there is no tomorrow! GOD Bless each and everyone of you.

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