Hello! New dress again! This time it’s an adorable and sexy dress. It’s done up in Olive color,,,did you really think I’d blog about real olives? Silly heads. This dress shows a bit of flesh but it’s all in good taste. You can wiggle your bum and watch it jiggle! heehee. It’s a short OMG I love it dress, if you know what I mean. Although it is olive colored it’s not a tacky bit of greens. Here I’ll show you 🙂 LX Brianna Maitreya Olive FRONTLX Brianna Maitreya Olive BACK Don’t you just love it!. Your bum is covered but a little peek-a-boo portion is “spank me please” type dress! The front shows the panties bow tie and is gorgeous! You have to get this if you like a fun little dress to flirt with that someone you like, love, or admire from a distance, or flaunt it in someone’s face that you dislike so much! Oh that was bad of me! lol. You will only get this dress from ULTRA Event. It’s exclusivly there for the picking. It’s called *LX* Brianna Maitreya Olive. The fatpack has 10 colors to pick from and also has a Zipper HUD to change the color of that as well. *LX*LiquidLatex Resident *LX*  has great tastes in clothing and makes all of her clothes from scratch, does her own little meshs too. Come and support LX by getting this dress and others made by her.LX Monochrome Logo Autumn

As always, may Peace find you, Love guide you, Laughter find your heart, and Live like there is no tomorrow! GOD Bless each and everyone of you.


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