Hiya all. Bought a new outfit last night and i wanted to show you how cute it is.  I mixed and matched two outfit together and they came out matching the other and I was excited! The pants of the outfit is from _CandyDoll_ AKA _CD_ called Lora Pink Pants – Maitreya. The link will take you right where they are. The top of the outfit is from Sweet Thing. Oki Hoodie – Pink. Again the link will take you directly to where they are in the store. OMG the shoes, giggles, was in heaven when I was told by my New Boss Imajica Flow where to find them! I had to run and get them before I lost the information she gave me. lol. They make me feel “tall” hehehe and at 4’9 in r/l and small in s/l you can’t beat feeling “tall.” My hair is from Truth it’s called Kizzy[Mesh Head] Group Gift. I forgot which month, sorry :(.  I picked Pink to match the outfit. To tie it altogether I picked 7Deadly s[K]ins LUMI in Pineapple. No make up was put on the face except the makeup that came with the skin. OK ready to see the outfit and face??? WO0t here we go!!!7Deadly s[K]ins . LUMI in Pineapple


PE - Grand Opening -Round 1Poses made from Haven Poses exclusively for Pre-CAST.

As always, may Peace find you, Love guide you, Laughter find your heart, and Live like there is no tomorrow! GOD Bless each and everyone of you.


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Be sure to check out CURRENT EVENTS:
GINGER @ Cosmetic Fair (thru Feb 28th)
TABITHA @ eBENTO (thru Feb 28th)
FIONNE @ The Chapter Four (thru Feb 28th)
NENA @ Designer Showcase (thru Feb 28th)
ROMI @ Designer Circle (thru Mar 3rd)
PERLA @ Hipster Fair (thru Mar 3rd)

Check the latest notice for all the details AND for a sneak peek at

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