Hey everyone! Do I have a surprise for you! I do honest! You know there is a SKIN Fair coming up right March 9th to the 25th.! Well 7Deadly s[K]ins will be IN IT! wo0t wo0t! Izara(7DS owner) has made some new skins just for the occasion! That’s right, JUST FOR THIS FAIR! Can you believe it? I know me too!. OK, back on track now. She has added: Butter and Maple and several others. I will show you both the Maple AND the Butter just so you have a good idea as what they look like. Also the shape will be available as well. I have the Shape AND the Maple on. I will also be putting a LOT of pictures of the new skins here as well so bear with me : ) OK, Here’s set one…The MAPLE!

As you can see she’s adorable with her freckles and Stunning as ever! Also you can see freckles on her tummy and legs. Let me show you the Butter now…*gets excited* Ready?? Let the beauty flow like Butter 🙂 pun intended The Butter I chose the NOBROW version so you can see it can come with or without brows! Cool huh?

Gorgeous, am I right? The Butter and Maple with new skins and shape! Now for the pictures and getting to know a little more about 7 DEADLY S[K]INS. Here goes 🙂


Now a little about 7Deadly s[K]ins:


In the store I will sell these omega appliers first. They were tested on Slink, Maitreya and Belleza body. For Belleza I will have to make a fitted set so the feet will be a fit as well. The rest of the Belleza body does not need altering. As the sale start and more bodies will be tested the outcome may well be that I will need to make more fitted appliers for some brands.

– People can NOT exchange their old appliers for the new appliers.
– There will be no special discount on new appliers
– When an old applier is broken i will fix it but it won’t be replaced with a new skin applier
– Old appliers will be available until September 2017


A – Total MESH BODY APPLIER – OMEGA based [ face / torso / legs / hands / feet ] the BODY SKIN so NOT the face will ALWAYS be the plain skin version [ no spots, freckles etc]

B – FULL BODY system skins with MESH body appliers The added omega body skin applier[s] in the box will ALWAYS BE THE PLAIN VERSION [ no spots, freckles etc ]

C – Mesh HEAD applier with Omega based Body applier The added omega body skin applier[s] in the box will ALWAYS BE THE PLAIN VERSION [ no spots, freckles etc ]

D – Mesh HEAD applier[s] ONLY


[ torso / legs / hands / feet ]

If you want your body skin to have freckles, spots etc you need to BUY A FULL VERSION OMEGA body skin applier from the applier wall in the main store.

See all of Iza’s amazing creations!
Be sure to check out CURRENT EVENTS:
GINGER @ Cosmetic Fair (thru Feb 28th)
TABITHA @ eBENTO (thru Feb 28th)
FIONNE @ The Chapter Four (thru Feb 28th)
NENA @ Designer Showcase (thru Feb 28th)
ROMI @ Designer Circle (thru Mar 3rd)
PERLA @ Hipster Fair (thru Mar 3rd)
Check the latest notice for all the details AND for a sneak peek at upcoming events!!


And so, as porky the pig would say….THA THA THA That’s the end folks!

As always, may Peace find you, Love guide you, Laughter find your heart, and Live like there is no tomorrow! GOD Bless each and every one of you.

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