Hello all. I’m here to tell you a story about New Things. LOL no I’m not I’m just going to show off my New Face from LAQ and my New Skin from 7Deadly s[K]ins. I love new stuff. New everything, New Born Baby sence, puppy breath, kitten kisses. All that awesome stuff. So as always I will tell you about my new skin tone first. It’s by 7DS and is in the Maple color with Brows and it goes on both FACE/BODY. It is called KIEK and it is one of 7DS’ newer developed skins by Izara the owner of 7DS. My new head, well that’s from LAQ and it’s name is Skye. Skye is one of the two newest heads LAQ put out tonight, as well as a new LAQ Hud. I was a happy little camper getting her too. I think the newer head paired up with KIEK is a fantastic match. They look made for each other. YAY! Ok would you all like to see pictures now? NO? oh oh ok yes you would. Well here they are:



7 DEADLY S[K]INS Event Dates
Thu, Apr 12 2018 3:57:09 AM PDT

♥♥ —> The Underdog Event April 14th – May 16th
♥♥ —> Ultra April 15th –
♥♥ —> eBENTO Event starts April 15th
♥♥ —> Cosmetic Fair 15th
♥♥ —> Lost & Found April 22th
♥♥ —> Designer Showcase May 5th – April 30th.
♥♥ —> anyBODY May 7th
♥♥ —> eBENTO Event starts May 15th
♥♥ —> Jersey Shore 3 event 9th-30th. June
♥♥ —> Vintage Fair June 8th – 24th
♥♥ —> Mesh Body Addicts Fair 1 August 2018 – 21th

7 Deadly s[K]ins – SPRING SALE
Wed, Apr 11 2018 5:00:50 PM PDT

due to the store system issue i decided to run a sale so you can use
NOW 35% DISCOUNT on a LOT of items in the store
the store credit at best! https://gyazo.com/070ce3ab11a68b17cfbd51bdf2ee3c9a
Wisteria Garden (49,171,25)

♥ DEAL of the DAY ♥

Wisteria Garden (49,171,25)

♥ ♥ ♥ NEW MM skin

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