Sexy Princess Inner Beauty Outfit

Hello! Have I got some GREAT news! I was accepted into The Designer Showcase Event, owned and operated by Aisha Convair, as a blogger!  Let me tell you the items that am showing off to you are all at Designer Showcase this month ONLY from Feb 5 to Feb 28th. You need to get there before it’s too late!!! All I can say is Thank You over and over again! Okay with that being said, let me show you what you can find here at the Event. Well at least one outfit you can find there. The outfit is by Sexy Princess made by Lacrima Angeles(tears4anangel) and it is called Inner Beauty Outfit, and a beauty it is!. It’s a stunning short black dress that is a little below the bum line. Turtle neck that is split at on the shoulders to show skin before again showing little cuffs right above the elbows.
The shoes are priceless! They are black platform shoes with winding black leather going up the leg calves and then tying at the back. The purse, well every outfit deserves a matching purse right? This purse is a gem!. It has spikes on the bottom of the purse just in case it’s needed in safety get a ways if you get my drift. If not, some like RLing. Sometimes it gets a little rough. You can therefore use this purse to prevent a purse snatching, beat an attacker over the head then run away. See what I am saying? RLing is fun until someone gets hurt. Always wanted to say that in a blog. Okay lets talk about the most sexiest part of this outfit besides the dress is the glasses and earrings that come with it. The earrings are heart-shaped silver with shades of black on them. I made sure I did a close up of them and you will be able to see them close up in my shots. The glasses are a style all their own. They are circular in shape, with shades that cover most of the glasses except the top and a little of the sides. The design is brilliant! They are all done up in waves of silver that trap the arm of the glasses inside of them. They curve around the back of the ears perfectly. If they do not fit good on you, they are very adjustable. This outfit comes in sizes for Maitreya/Belleza – All/Slink Physique/Slink Hourglass. Please Demo if it allows you too.

I paired this dress up with beautifully curvy bracelets by Avada made by Stephanie Fishnet, called Artemis Bracelet. They are beautifully curved bracelets of gold that hug and wrap around the wrists to perfection. Extremely well made as well. The look like they would catch the light and reflect it back in a rainbow of colors. That is just how beautiful these bracelets are. These bracelets will go with casual or dress up or just everyday wear. Yes, that’s JUST how great they are. They also come with a color changing Hud. Color colors are four soft pastels. These are compatible with all bodies. I did not see any restrictions for these bracelets on what bodies with and will not fit so PLEASE demo first BEFORE buying. That goes for EVERYTHING you see in this blog. Always demo, demo clothes, heads, bodies, hair, everything I can NOT stress this enough. Lindens are hard to come by, demo before you buy, please.

I put on a pair of beautifully done rings by Livia, owner Ayanna Breen. These rings can be changed into 8 different colors and the gems have 14 options. They are Hud controlled. Each color you choose seems like that right color for them. These rings are made with Maitreya, Slink, and Tonic in mind. The nails I am wearing are also from Livia and they are called Metallics No.1. They are stiletto nails that come in three different colors and two different sizes. They are rather stunning to look at if I may say so myself and have become a favorite of mine. To wear these nails you MUST got into your bodies Hud and remove the nails altogether not just put them on small nails Just look for the box with the box / or \ inside of it. That is the one you need to click. It won’t work if you do not this. These nails are for Slink/Maitreya/Tuty/EBody/Tonic. Please Demo.
HAIR!!!! Must have hair! No one can life without it in SL that is. This hair I am wearing now is so darling and cute it’s screaming WEAR ME!!!! lol. This hair is from JUMO( – MP) made by JumoStylist. This is a very nicely done up hair style. You can have either one or two buns on your head at the same time. The fat pack has so many colors and roots it would take me forever and a day to tell you all of them. The main color os the hair base. It is made for Catwa, Lelutka, and Genus. I am wearing the Lekutka Brown Straight Hair base and The Best of Shades Straight Browns. Make sure you DEMO before buying!!!

And so this concludes my blog for this outfit set for the Designer Showcase. This is only the First one 🙂 There will be more!



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Lelukta Head – Spencer Bento Head (static ears)3.3 – SL

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1 – SL

As always, may Peace find you, Love guide you, Laughter find your heart, and Live like there is no tomorrow! GOD Bless each and every one of you.

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